Amendments to .LV policy

Amendments to .LV policy

NIC.LV has prepared changes to the .LV domain name registration procedure and policy.

From June 2019 NIC.LV plans to minimize registration data by deleting the role of “billing contact” and will issue invoices to domain name holders only. The change will affect approximately 11,000 domain names and will be implemented in the interests of true users of the .lv domain names.

The upcoming changes will:

  • reduce the amount of data processed in the .LV Registry,
  • simplify and speed up the domain name registration process,
  • make it easier for customers to manage their domain names,
  • ensure the accuracy of data.

Read “Changes to .lv domain name billing contacts“ and find out what data are being processed now and what changes in data processing are expected this year.

Your opinion and participation in this process is very important to us! Therefore, we have opened a public comments period from today until 23 April 2019 on our proposal. Please send your suggestions to All amendments to contracts and policies have also been sent to the Ministry of Transport for evaluation.

NIC.LV plans to make amendments to the following documents:

  1. Policy for acquisition of the right to use domain names under the top level domain .lv (changes have been made to points 1.3, 7.2, 10.1 and 17.9, that specify the procedures for implementing the changes);

  2. The Price list and payment policy of NIC.LV (changes have been made to points 3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5 and 4.4);

  3. The Agreement between the Registry and the Registrar will be supplemented by Annex “Registrar’s data processing“ (Additional amendments include changes to Registrars operating as natural persons, such as self-employed persons or individual merchants).