NIC Cookies policy


In effect: 1 January 2015

Types of cookies and the goals of their use

1. To help to analyse the usage of the website, including to comprehend the users’ behaviour while visiting the website and in thus to make the website more effective and more convenient for visitors. For this goal NIC uses services of internet analysis provided by Google Analytics, and your consent is necessary for the use of this application.

2. Cookies gather the information about your usage of the website The standard log information (time of connection, its duration, web page) and anonymous information about your browsing of the website is collected.

3. For your convenience NIC uses cookies also to register if you have agreed (or not agreed) to the usage of cookies on the website, which allows us not asking for your consent next time you visit the website.

The use and storage of data collected by cookies

4. According to Google Terms of Service and Google Analytics Terms of Service, Google will use the above mentioned information to analyse your use of the website and to prepare reports about the users’ activities on the website.

5. NIC will not use and will not allow any third party to use the cookies for finding or collecting any recognisable personal information about visitors of the website

6. Upon request, Google Inc. will anonymise the received information before storing it by erasing the last octet of your IPv4 address and by nullifying the last 80 bits of your IPv6 address.

7. The processed information will be transmitted to and stored on the servers of Google Inc. that are located in many countries of the world. The information can be processed in a server that is located neither in Latvia nor in European Union.

Opting out of cookies

8. To opt out of Google Analytics cookies you can download and install additional tool Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. This tool communicates with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) and tells it that the information about the visit of website should not be transmitted to Google Analytics. 9. Furthermore, you can change the settings of your browser to decline new cookies, to opt out existing ones or simply to notify that new cookies are transferred to your device. Read more in

Change of policy

10. The NIC Cookies policy can be changed if necessary. NIC will publish all changes of this policy on the website by special announcement of the changes. NIC will retain the previous versions of the Cookies policy in an archive, for you to survey them in case of necessity.