Registrar support


Registrar support

A user can register a .lv domain name directly with NIC.LV or via any of accredited registrars. Registrars offer their services according to the best practice and the agreement between the registrar and NIC.LV.

How to become a registrar?

If you offer domain name registration services and wish to enjoy all the benefits of a registrar, please read, sign and send us 2 copies of the Registrar agreement by post:

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia
Network Solutions Department (NIC)
Raina bulv. 29, Riga, LV-1459, Latvia

Why should I become a registrar?

  1. Registrars can offer their customers integrated solutions and competitive prices. The registrar acts as a representative of the registrant and accepts the agreement on their behalf.
  2. Registrar registers and manages domain names using On-line system or via EPP solution NICEPP. Domain name registration procedure for registrars is simplified and the registered domain name is active within 30 minutes after the request for registration is submitted.

    Registrars can:

    • Edit domain name holder data (except first name, last name and personal code for individuals and title, registration and VAT numbers for legal persons).
    • Create new domain name holder or choose an existing one from the list.
    • Change administrative and technical contacts.
    • Edit, add technical info (NS servers).
    • Pay their bills.
    • Edit the list of domain names under management.
    • Change the registrar.

    Using NICEPP registrars can:
    - Manage and register domain names 24x7.
    - Create online tool for their customers.
    - Automate domain name management process.
    - Adapt the solution for other TLDs.

  3. Registrars receive discounts as described in the agreement.

How to become a registrar?

  1. To become a registrar you should conclude the agreement and send us 2 copies by post:

    Registry-Registrar agreement.

  2. In order to ascertain your companys’ ability to meet the criteria of professional diligence, and perform the obligations set in the Contract for intermediary services in domain name registration under the top-level domain .lv, NIC.LV will send you a contracts implementation procedure form, that must be filled out and sent to

How does NIC.LV support its registrars?

We will asnwer all your questions by phone +371-67085858 or e-mail