Technical Requirements


Technical requirements

  1. The domain name is a string of maximum 63 and minimum 2 characters. The permitted characters are all English letters (case insensitive), numbers, and dash “-” which cannot be used at the beginning or at the end of the name.
  2. To register a domain name, the objects mentioned in the Registration Form (hosts, Mail Exchangers, or zone Name Servers) must be fully connected to the Internet and properly configured (multiple domain names per host are permitted.)
  3. If a valid address is not supplied during registration, the domain will be configured and pointed to
  4. For Host registration and Mail exchanger (MX) registration there are no special requirements. The number of individual host registrations per domain is limited to 30. The possible number of hosts per record: A(10), AAAA(10), CNAME(5), MX(7), SRV(5), TXT(5), DS(4), NS(5). If this number is exceeded, you should consider establishing your own Primary and Secondary Name Server and managing zone yourself.
  5. For zone delegation it is necessary to have at least 2 different Name Servers. Secondary Name Server for your zone must be established in the location not sharing the same connection to the Internet as the Primary Name Server. Ask your Internet Service provider to assist you with establishing a Secondary Name Server.