What is the fee for a domain name registration?

The annual fee for a:

  • traditional .lv domain name registration and renewal is EUR 12.00 (VAT not included).
  • latvian .lv domain name (IDN) registration and renewal is EUR 8.40 (VAT not included).

We also offer multi-year registrations (up to 5 years), more information - The Price list and payment policy of NIC.LV.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for your .LV domain name usage rights via variety of different ways – using our NIC.LV online system or via money transfer at your internet bank. Payment details:

LU Matemātikas un Informātikas Institūts  
Raiņa bulvāris 29, Rīga, LV-1459, Latvija  
PVN Nr. LV90002111761  

BANK ACCOUNTS             
"SEB banka", IBAN: LV46UNLA0002220609628  
"Swedbank" AS, IBAN: LV56HABA0001407058518  

Upon payment, please indicate your domain name or the invoice number!

When is it possible to start using newly registered domain name?

It is possible to use the domain name after you have received an e-mail confirming domain name pre-registration. In order to use the domain name you have to provide technical details.

What happens if I do not pay the invoice in time?

If the invoice issued for the domain registration is not paid within the time limit prescribed in the invoice, there is a reminder e-mail sent to one of the contact persons’ e-mail addresses. If the Registry does not receive the payment within 14 days from the day the reminder e-mail was sent, domain is deleted from the .lv zone. It is available for re-registration after a 30-days hold period.

What is the registrar’s accreditation cost?

A contract for the intermediary services of registering domain names can be signed free of charge and with no advance payment.

How is payment made for domain names managed by the registrar?

Up to the fifth work day of the month, the Registry prepares and sends a bill to the registrar, which includes:

  • the fee for the rights to use the domain names registered in the past month;
  • the fee for the extension of the rights to use for those domain names whose paid term of use ends during the month of the bill’s preparation.

If the registrar fails to make payment by the date specified on the bill, the Registry calculates the percentages of late fees in accordance to the contract signed by both parties.

What kinds of discounts apply to a registrar’s domain name registration and renewal?

Discounts are calculated based on the contract’s appendix titled, “Payment procedures”. The percentage of discounts depends on the number of domain names managed by the registrar.

Is the transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another free of cost?

Yes, the transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another is free of cost.