DNSSEC - DNS Security Extensions

DNSSEC or DNS Security Extensions add security to the DNS by protecting Internet users from forged DNS data. NIC.LV signed .lv zone with DNSSEC in 2012 and since then offers DNSSEC service to registrants and registrars.


Originally the DNS was not designed with security in mind. Without DNSSEC, attackers can act like DNS servers and launch the so called cache-poisoning attacks, i.e., intercept your DNS queries and provide false replies, thus redirecting you to a third-party webpage (where you could potentially provide personal information). Consequences can be severe.

DNSSEC ensures that people using the internet are shown the actual webpage and are not redirected elsewhere. This guarantee is achieved through cryptographic signatures - DNSSEC uses the public-private cryptography technology to validate DNS answers.

Have a look at the video created by our colleagues from .EE: “What is DNSSEC”?

EE video

For more information please visit: „Resolving DNS With DNSSECInternet Society about DNSSEC