How does one become a .lv registrar?

In order to become a .lv registrar, you must sign a contract with the Registry, namely, the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia. The registrar is responsible for the payment and name servers for the domains under its management.

What is the registrar’s accreditation cost?

A contract for the intermediary services of registering domain names can be signed free of charge and with no advance payment.

How many domain names must be registered in order to become a registrar?

The number of domain names managed by the registrar is of no importance. In order to become a .lv registrar, it is not necessary to have registered .lv domain names.

How the registrar registers .lv domain names?

Registrars can use our online system or set up an EPP solution.

How long does it take for domain names registered by the registrar to be activated?

A domain name that has been registered by a registrar will be activated within 30 minutes.

How is payment made for domain names managed by the registrar?

Up to the fifth work day of the month, the Registry prepares and sends a bill to the registrar, which includes:

  • the fee for the rights to use the domain names registered in the past month;
  • the fee for the extension of the rights to use for those domain names whose paid term of use ends during the month of the bill’s preparation.

If the registrar fails to make payment by the date specified on the bill, the Registry calculates the percentages of late fees in accordance to the contract signed by both parties.

What kinds of discounts apply to a registrar’s domain name registration and renewal?

Discounts are calculated based on the contract’s appendix titled, “Payment procedures”. The percentage of discounts depends on the number of domain names managed by the registrar.

How can a registrar discontinue its connection with a certain domain name?

In the Online system the registrar can refuse to extend the period of the rights of use, if payment for it is included in the current bill.

The registrar, in making changes to the domain name contact-person data, can resign from its status as a registrar. In this case, the domain name user becomes responsible for the payment for the domain name.

Can a registrar indicate A, MX, or CNAME type of records to domain names as technical information?

For the domain names registered by the registrar its default name servers are indicated automatically. Therefore, to the domain names managed by the registrar in the NIC database, only NS entries can be indicated. Other necessary entries can be kept in the servers of the registrar.

Is the transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another free of cost?

Yes, the transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another is free of cost.

How does one become the client of a registrar?

One must address the chosen registrar and enter into a contract regarding domain name registration services. Further formalities with NIC will be settled by the registrar on behalf of its clients.