How to register a domain name under ccTLD .lv?

To register a domain name under .lv , you have to read the Policy for acquisition of the right to use domain names under the top level domain .lv, check if the selected domain name is available for registration and then fill in an on-line domain name registration form. There is no written agreement to sign for registration. When the domain name is registered you will receive an invoice that has to be paid.

Do I have to sign a formal agreement?

By submitting the domain name registration form you enter into an electronic agreement with the Registry. The agreement comes into force when the Registry accepts the registration of the domain name.

Who can register a domain name under .lv?

Domain names can be registered by anyone. The number of domain names registered by a registrant is not limitated.

Is a local presence of the domain name holder or the DNS servers required?

Local presence is not required to register a domain name under .lv. Local domain name hosting is not required either.

What information must be provided in the registration form?

In the domain name registration form you have to provide your personal information - name of your company, its registration and VAT number, legal and postal address. If you register domain name as a natural person, you have to indicate your personal ID number (for residents of Latvia only). You also have to provide contact information of your representatives - first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail address of the administrative and technical contact persons.

How can I find information about the current domain name holder?

Please use our WHOIS service. Please note that personal data are excluded from the whois results

What is the fee for a domain name registration?

The annual fee for domain name registration and renewal is EUR 10.00 (VAT not included).

What are the payment options?

It is possible to pay by bank transfer, by VISA and EC/MC credit cards. Local Registrants can pay in cash or by card at:

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

Customer Service (Room No 101)

NIC, Domain name registry

Raiņa bulvāris 29

Riga, LV-1459

Tel.: +371 67085858, fax: +371 67225072

When is it possible to start using newly registered domain name?

It is possible to use the domain name after you have received an e-mail confirming domain name pre-registration. In order to use the domain name you have to provide technical details.

Can I register a domain name without knowing the technical information?

You can register a .lv domain name also without knowing where you will host it. In such a case do not provide technical information. Your domain name will be registered to point to a special homepage for inactive domain names. You will have a possibility to provide technical information later.

How the registrar registers .lv domain names?

Registrars can use our online system or set up an EPP solution.

How long does it take for domain names registered by the registrar to be activated?

A domain name that has been registered by a registrar will be activated within 30 minutes.