Why to choose a .lv domain name

Proud to be Latvian:

The top level domain .lv is a virtual symbol of our nation and our country. It represents common values, language and culture. Choose .lv if your company, products or services come from Latvia.

Address your target audience:

Choose .lv if your target audience is in Latvia. Address your customers in the language and via the domain that is close to them.

Be trusted:

If your website requires registration or accepts online payments it is vital to choose the domain that is trusted by your customers.

Be secure:

Since 2012 the top level domain .lv is signed and accepts DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension) keys. Using DNSSEC the registrants can be sure that their customers will reach their website. More about DNSSEC.

A wide choice of available domain names:

A good word is hard to find, however, unlike in some of the largest and most popular domains like .com or .net, there are still many good domain names available under .lv.

Latvian IDNs:

Under .lv one can register a domain name with specific diacritical marks of the Latvian language.