Object oriented PHP-EPP client

Object oriented PHP-EPP client

All .LV registrars that have not yet implemented the domain name management system EPP have an opportunity to do it easily and quickly with the help of the object oriented PHP-EPP client available on GitHub - https://github.com/metaregistrar/php-epp-client

This EPP code library will help you to connect to any registry world-wide that supports EPP (including NIC.LV). All code is organised in objects, so connecting to a new registry is just a matter of object re-use and extension. Sample registry connections are provided in the Registries directory.

EPP (Extensible Provision Protocol) defines an unified way how registrars can communicate with registries of domain names by exchanging XML messages. EPP is implemented as an API between the registrar’s web interface and the Registry. Such integration allows registrar to react immediately to requests from it’s clients and know for sure if the action succeeded or not. Should some action, such as registration of a domain name, to be put off until later, the registry will notify registrar with a service message.


  1. Manage and register domain names 247:
  • Register and renew your domain names;
  • Edit domain name holders’ contact data;
  • Manage domain name technical records;
  • Refuse domain name management;
  • Get messages from the registry (for example, on new domain names that have been added to your portfolio).
  1. Create a web interface for your customers: your customers will be able to register domain names in real-time. EPP requests are processed automatically, so your customers will immediately receive your predefined response with a registration application and any additional information they might need.

  2. Automate domain name management by synchronising your customer database with the data in the registry: EPP solution helps to eliminate problems related to incomplete data on the registrars side by performing regular matching of the data at the registrars side with the current information in the registry.

  3. Customise the established solution for cooperation with other domain registries: the EPP protocol is widely used in the management of the Top Level Domains (TLD). All your efforts implementing EPP will pay off significantly if you plan to offer your customers a wider range of top-level domains in the future (both ccTLD and gTLD).

Currently (April 2020) the object oriented PHP-EPP client directory supports:

  • NIC.LV (.lv)
  • SIDN (.nl)
  • dotAmsterdam
  • Donuts
  • EurID (.eu)
  • DNS Belgium (.be .vlaanderen .brussels)
  • .CO.NL
  • dotFRL
  • IIS (.nu and .se)
  • CarDNS (.hr)
  • Metaregistrar
  • Nic.AT (.at)
  • Key Systems RRPPROXY
  • .PT
  • Switch (.ch)
  • Openprovider
  • Ficora (.fi)
  • DNS.PT (.pt)
  • Norid (.no)
  • Arnes (.si)