NIC Privacy policy


NIC provides data protection for the registry of the top level domain .lv, for its website and for the users of the NIC Domain name online management system. To learn more, please read the NIC Privacy policy.

Data controller

1. The Network Solutions department (NIC) of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia (Reg.No. 90002111761) is the data controller of the registry for the Top Level Domain .lv. Address: 29 Raiņa boulv. Rīga, Latvia, LV-1459.

Goal of the personal data processing

2. NIC, in accordance with the 2nd part of the Article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law, processes the data provided in the domain name registration application and updated during the term of the agreement in order to enter into the agreement on the right to use the domain name and to ensure fulfilment of this agreement, on the base of this agreement.

Data security

3. NIC has implemented internal procedures, technical solutions and control tools for maintaining personal data security, integrity and confidentiality, including prevention of non-authorised access to the personal data.

4. NIC provides multilevel data protection, including:

  • protection of data transmission in between your browser and NIC server, by using the TLS (Transport Layer Security) standard;
  • identification and authorisation of data requesters;
  • prompt prevention of deficiencies in information technology security.

Eventual recipients of personal data

5. NIC does not disclose your data to any third parties without your written consent, except cases when the information is requested by authorised state or municipal institutions in cases set in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and in accordance with the procedure prescribed there.

6. NIC provides the possibility to access online all actual information about you that is stored and processed at the Registry of the top level domain .lv.

7. You can access your data and update them using NIC Online client system, or visiting personally the NIC Client Service Centre or sending request to address 29 Raiņa bulv., Rīga, LV-1459, Latvia. NIC delivers the data after the identification and authorisation of the data requester.

Data update and consequences of not updating

8. You are responsible for providing valid, effective and complete data at the moment of concluding the agreement as well as on time of agreement accomplishment.

9. In case of changes of the data you have to upgrade immediately the data via NIC Online client system or inform NIC about the necessary changes.

10. If NIC discovers that your data are false, obsolete or incomplete, you will receive invitation to correct data within a fixed time slot. If an answer is not received or data are not updated, or, if it was found that the data are false, NIC has the right to terminate the agreement on the right to use the domain name.

Change of policy

11. The Privacy policy of NIC can be changed if necessary. NIC will publish all changes of this policy on the website by special announcement of the changes. NIC will retain in the previous versions of the Privacy policy an archive for you to survey them in case of necessity.