.LV Registrar statistics reporting tool

.LV Registrar statistics reporting tool

Having the right data in the organization increases efficiency. For this reason, we have developed .LV Registrar statistics reporting tool to help our partners registrars analyze and evaluate their past actions and plan their future strategically.

By accessing the newly created “Statistics” section of their NIC online system profile, registrars can learn more about the .LV domain names under their management and their holders. Initially, a summary of statistics for the past 12 months is displayed, but it is possible to select and further explore any time period from the date the institution became our cooperation partner (.LV registrar). The data are available in both Latvian and English.

The .LV Registrar’s statistics report consists of 3 sections:

1. Domain name portfolio

This section includes statistical data on the .LV domain names managed by the registrar and their distribution by:

  • Type (traditional, IDN, third-level d/n, etc.);
  • Affiliation (type of holder: an individual, a legal entity, or the registrar).

2. Domain name movement

This section includes statistical data on the changes of the registrar’s domain name portfolio - the distribution and dynamics.

For financial planning purposes, the breakdown of the number of .LV domain names expiring in the coming 12 months is also provided to help the registrar to estimate the timeframe and approximate number of .LV domain names included in prepayment invoices.


This section includes statistical data on the holders of the .LV domain names managed by the registrar:

  • their total number,
  • breakdown by country, city and type.

The glossary of terms and explanation of calculations used in the Registrar statistics: https://www.nic.lv/en/registrar-statistics-glossary.

We hope our partners find this tool helpful in discovering new growth opportunities!