How to find out who is the registrant

Sometimes you may need to find out who is the current holder or registrant of a domain name. Such situations may occur, for example, if you: - are interested in the domain name and would like to make an offer, - believe that your rights are violated by the current holder of the domain name and you would like to take legal action, - want to know who has created a specific website, for example, an online store, - need to solve some technical issues associated with the domain name by contacting the domain name holder, - etc.

Whois service

First, start by checking the domain name with our whois service. Whois is the tool used to look up domain name registration details. NIC.LV updates its whois database 4 times a day.

The whois database allows you to obtain information on a given domain name’s:

  • availability (is it registered or not),
  • holder (names of individuals are not publicly displayed),
  • administrative contact,
  • technical contact,
  • technical data, such as name servers used,
  • registrar (if the domain name is registered via a registrar).

Written requests

All other information is collected only for internal use by the Registry. This information, including personal data, may be requested by officials according to law. The request must be submitted in writing.

The written request must specify: - information that identifies the requester and the data subject (the person that needs to be directly or indirectly identified); - the legitimate reason as well as the legal acts that give the person the rights to request personal data; - planned use of the data, unless the law provides otherwise; - the scope of data requested (for example, by specifying the time period for which the information is required, information type - invoices, payments received, technical data).