A new domain name generator - DOMENIMI.LV

NIC.LV in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AILab) has created the world’s first domain name generator DOMENIMI.LV that considers Latvian language cases and diacritic marks. It’s an intellectual tool that generates domain name synonyms in English or Latvian based on digitalized fiction publications, dictionaries as well as slang and everyday speech on online blogs.

With this tool you can not only find a good AVAILABLE domain name for your company or product, but also choose the most suitable .LV Registrar, project is supported by: AmberBit, Media Partners, Mozello, SigmaNet un Stream Networks.

More information on DOMENIMI.LV available here.

During the next 3 months (1.10.2016 - 31.12.2016) NIC.LV will prove that artificial intelligence has a sense of humor!

From the 1st of October till 31st of December 2016, NIC.LV will run a campaign on its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and draugiem.lv), called #jancigieDOMENIMI. To participate all you have to do is - FIND a funny or goofy domym and SHARE it with the world using a hashtag #jancigieDOMENIMI.

Every week one of you will receive a special gift from NIC.LV - a reflective safety vest from the Latvian fashion brand ZIB* fashion. Good luck “domym” hunters!